Dating scammer natalia shevchenko

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Dating scammer natalia shevchenko

On that way there is no evidence when she demands money. When you go there you can meet the girls you like to meet.

I like to tell, be careful with the marriage agency Bridge of love. To me the agency works together with this kind of girls. There are translators who translate letters of man and vice versa letters of girls. After a meeting with such a girl they always ask money for taxi. After two days she let me pay her bill of electricity.

We are here to help you get the facts and make wise decisions.

You can have ease of mind knowing the person you are trusting is legitimate.

I called her for explication and she told me she didnt know about it and all happened behind her back.

Twenty minutes after her explanation her profile and pictures where removed?

Natali told me her sister had won a travel to Israel and ask me I would go too. Natali told me in Israel she has given all the documents we need for visa demand unto a man who work for the embassy. I became sick in Egypt and in first instance they refuse to call a doctor. I felt myself as a piece of shit and decided to run away from them.

The reason why the Egyptian man told me is because Natali wanted sex with him to. The Egyptian man could not except this and told me everything what Natali said to him. She wants come to Belgium and should go the embassy of Belgium. Natali told me her sister had paid for herself but now I know better.

I have sent her many e-mails with my vision of what happened but she doesnt except it.

This women cost me all together around 75.000,00 in 3,5 year.

When I came back from Bodrum she started to ask money. I paid the whole vacation for the three of us again. In mean time she wanted many things for herself so I was mostly a pay machine.

Money for English lessons, doctors, hospital, money for support, rent apartment, computer, different times money for visa, etc. Together with her sister, Natalya convinced me to buy leader and fur coats. Because of a new visa demand In 2010 I keep sent money. She was staying in my house but wouldnt sleep with me in one bed. After 2 weeks in Belgium she had to go back to Ukraine because the mother of her best girlfriend died?

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She needs rest and medication because of all what happened.

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  1. There is something of a fascination with this creature in modern media, the toyboy-seeking sexual predator, and it seems to have led to an increased acceptance of the age gap between younger men and older women. A cougar, roughly put, is a woman who dates a younger man – whether done in a serial fashion or as a one off doesn’t really matter.

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