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Dating profile lds r rated movies

I speak of the growing numbers of movies, books, magazines, theatrical productions, and television programs where efforts to glorify immorality or violence have become predominant.“Rated R” or “Rated X” has replaced the idealism of being “Rated A.” I know that free expression is a vital part of the eternal principle of free agency and must be preserved and protected.Of necessity we live in the world and hence must face its issues.

Because I recognize that there will always be opposition in all things, I suspect that we will not soon see the day when obscenity in its various forms will be entirely eliminated.Marvin J Ashton, Ensign, November 1977 We have a tendency to rate or grade others, and they do the same to us.If our perspective is proper, we use these ratings or gradings to motivate us to reach high levels of achievement and self-discipline.Good people can become infested with this material and it can have terrifying, destructive consequences. Peterson, Ensign, Febuary 1972 And speaking of maintaining discriminating values, were you not shocked recently by the announcement of the changes in the movie ratings, wherein X and R movies are now to be released as though they were GP [General audiences, parental guidance suggested]?When Life magazine commented on this trend, it quoted one of the movie producers as saying, “The game these days is to bring in a movie that gets away with as much as possible and at the same time inveigles a GP rating which insures you more or less widespread distribution.” The public is being deceived by the ratings, many people not knowing even what the letters GP stand for.

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It is certainly no wonder that the movies are failing as a means of public entertainment and that they now have only 4 percent of the entertainment dollar in the United States.