Dating old thimbles

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It is intended that the periodic updates will also include amendments and additions, as more information becomes available.If details seem rather sparse in some cases, it should be borne in mind that the information shown might have been gleaned from a single button or a single documentary reference.The marking is invariably produced by die stamping, which is an inherent part of the manufacturing process, and backmarks produced in this way continue to be used to the present day.The list that follows identifies British manufacturers and the backmarks they used from the earliest ones recorded until about the middle of the twentieth century.Fun birthday facts are a terrific source of trivia.From leap years to country traditions to “Happy Birthday” the song, there is a lot to learn about birthdays – those personal anniversaries that celebrate both birth and aging, renewal and the passage of time.

If the address is not part of the backmark, the ‘Address’ field will be empty.

During the second half of the eighteenth century, manufacturers of metal buttons began to ‘brand’ their products by marking the backs with their names and often their addresses.

These ‘backmarks’ can provide useful information for dating the buttons, as details of the various companies, and when they were operating, can be found in contemporary trade directories and other documentary sources.

The listing is in alphabetical order, by company name.

During the period concerned, this is invariably the surname(s) of the founder(s).

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This typically includes dates when the companies were established, taken over or ceased trading.