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You can also start learning the language while you are still in your home country at a Goethe-Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan) / Goethe-Zentrum.If you are participating in a structured doctoral programme and doing your doctorate at a graduate school, research centre or research training group, the issue of funding is usually resolved with you either working as a research assistant or receiving a scholarship of about Euro 1,000 per month.These have strong links to the industry and offer possibilities like joint supervision of the professor and a company for a master thesis, but do not award doctorate degrees.As a master degree holder from a Fachhochschule, one is in principle eligible to apply for a doctoral position at a University.

This kind of doctorate takes about 3-5 years to complete.But as a student in Germany, your life will not be limited to the university campus.You will surely want to interact with people, travel through the country-side and make the best of your time there.If you are pursuing your doctorate on the basis of the traditional approach, you can apply for a job as a research assistant, if there is vacancy.Working as a research/doctoral assistant involves collaboration in research/teaching and doing administrative work in addition to completing the dissertation.

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Non-university research institutions like Fraunhofer Institutes and also some companies offer doctoral candidates employment and / or fund their doctoral dissertations.