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Any MP writing on this matter should own up to his own claims. In 2004, I paid several bills late, including a council tax bill so tardy that I was forced to pay the rest of the year's payments in advance.The Commons authorities rejected two of my claims - one for a bed, one for a mattress.All-party groups of MPs to discuss 'important issues' multiplied.Early Day Motions - proposals for debate which are often trivial, seldom debated and nicknamed 'Parliamentary graffiti' abounded.But what is just as depressing is the way the Commons has connived in its own destruction.First, during the Seventies, the House began the transfer of its powers overseas to what became the EU.The Conservatives drew from the City, business, the law and farming.

The tragic result of the expenses disaster will be that the House will speed in this direction even faster.

This marks the beginning of the end, for the forseeable future, of a chamber of citizen MPs, rather than professional ones.

Few working business people, lawyers, doctors and, yes, even journalists will long be able to fend off rivals who pledge to be in the House for every hour of the working day to scratch away at the hamster wheel.

Earlier this summer came a decisive turn of the screw.

Gordon Brown, in an act of class revenge, pushed a measure through the House requiring MPs to declare exactly how many hours they work outside it.

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A new MPs' debating forum, Westminster Hall, came into being. Much of it, however, is displacement activity - a hamster wheel on which MPs ceaselessly scramble, as if to justify their Parliamentary presence.

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