Dating gibson acoustic guitars

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Dating gibson acoustic guitars

The higher block saddles however can be jammed between their neighbour saddles and cannot tilt easily to one side for this reason.

As the string runs in the middle of both screws, the string vibration will not be transmitted ideally to the guitar body when one screw is in midair.

The guitar boom that had gone into a hiatus in the late-’60s had begun to pick up again at this time (disco was yet to come).

In around 1971-72 O’Hagan took a job as a rep for the great musical instrument distributor out of Chicago, Targ and Dinner, and later with a local outfit called Meloway.As is true with most vintage guitars that show a fair amount of wear, this Tele sounds like a good one – the owner describes it as “having a terrific tone and playability!” The Tele currently has a newer Black pickguard installed for the “Blackguard” look, but the guitar does come with the original White pickguard.O’Hagan was so impressed with the quality of these Yamaki guitars that he looked into the possibility of importing them into the U.S., but found out there was some sort of legal restriction in the way.

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