Dating gemini men

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Dating gemini men

However, because it is a dual Zodiac sign, many Gemini suffer from the inability to make important and responsible decisions, stick to those decisions and handle emotional strain. However, some are essential, and without commitment, there can be detrimental circumstances.The Gemini should read the horoscope to discern between those two types and to make sure that they are applying commitment, so difficult for them, to something that is worth the effort.Guys, Don't know if people are taking it seriously, but trust me, it works. indeed i am a gemini too and for no reason it has been a struggle financially from the start with no support for our kids from parents and inlaws.Don't believe it blindly, but it tells to avoid certain things, just give a try, if its says a color is fine or some time is fine for the day give a try. I wish not i've always struggled financially amd domt know why or how. Now after 22 years i have finished paying of the house ALONE and at last i feel financially comfortable but still cannot find the happiness I seek with my wife. From last few years i am having a very tough time especially in jobs. I just want to know how much time i will have to suffer like this and when can i expect a job. Iam a capricorn woman, in love with a gemini married man.They're hypercritical about others but extremely sensitive about what others say to them.Being a Gemini this is similar to gemini's, sometimes you want your mate to agree with you and move on, they may not want to. It never gets to the point of moving on, and can be frustrating.So funny but I also totally understand about the Virgo partner being hard to live with. Did think about speeddating to check out other women just to compare as she makes it seem that I am a bad husband even when I know I do alot for herokay my cancer boyfriend just broke up late last month he said he knows we are not flowing well that much n thereis no need to pretend buh we are still im having a new crush on an aquarian guy that is far from me and a sag man just told me he adores me but i dont i would be fair to myself getn into another rltnshp just yet,shouldi stay single for a while ..... Their Air trigon is reminiscent of the wind; their ruling planet is the Mercury, also the Roman god of speed.

And yes, I read an Airies traits pretty much by the book. I work so hard and try to be nice and make people's day but can't get ahead. Anyone else in the Gemini/ Dragon having this problem.

In june i was living in bliss, our marriage was never so good, end of june i say one wrong word to her friend and now am living in hell.

I was going to go on a speed date as horoscope predicted a chance to find the true love of my live (or ex-girlfriend) but with 2 kids I hold dear and still having alot of feelings for my wife I did not go.

Getting stuck in situations that hurt your feelings can be hard to let go of these things too. They can all be friends with each other but you as the outsider is an easy target. Gemini assholes deserve only each other (or any asshole for that matter).

Try learning more about relationships and with these types of people, and think if something is situational. Being detail minded, the details are what makes what looks like the exact same thing to others different to me. Im a sagittarius and i am inlove with a gemini i told him i liked him but he rejected me x D been feeling like shit for months but i have amazing friends which are geminis 7 people or 6 but i dont really get along with one of my gemini friend shes just too blind to see how lucky she is and she always copies my work shes keep on telling me that shes depressed and lieing about her problems with no evidence one day i got really pissed off at her and told her the truth and now everyones against me all my friends then i suddenly realise how fake they are been feeling stuck for months and cant get out of my position there is no reason of living for me cause im making it more complicated and worse for everyone around me and WHATS THE POINT OF LIVING IF UR NOT EVEN FEELING HAPPY FOR MONTHS??? Stay true to your nature and you will gravitate those dear friends that will never BURN you at the stake, like a cruel Gemini would. Geminis are not bad people, just misunderstood because they have a sinister, mean streak and embrace it whenever its convenient to them.

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I have been doing it since 2012 and have avoided some nasty things before they could happen. They can be such sweet talkers and smooth lovers, but trust me I'm never EVER dating another Virgo man ever again so help me GOD. I love him so much that I will do everything to help him out and make him happy only to find out few days ago that our relationship will end.

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