Dating company scam

Posted by / 31-Dec-2019 15:31

He will then create a fake email address that closely resembles the real thing, such as [email protected]

Text message: A phishing attempt via text message to a mobile device to convince recipients to share sensitive information through a reply or link to a fraudulent website.

Scammers require you to pay a fee to receive the prize to avoid taxes or additional fees, or may even threaten to report you to the IRS or police if you do not make the requested payment.

You meet a romantic interest on an online dating site, social network, or chat room.

A scammer, having already obtained your login information via a data breach or other means, impersonates a representative from your financial institution.

The scammer calls or texts you claiming that suspicious activity has been detected on your account, and says he will send you an access code so you can text back or repeat over the phone to verify your identity.

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The scammer will then sign on to online banking with your login information, which prompts the access code to be sent to your mobile device.