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Dating cars in old photos

nevertheless the fine Leyland vehicles performed like heroes under all conditions – a tribute indeed to the maintenance standards of their original owners and to the excellent attention practised by Samuel Ledgard.An illustration of the intensity of the services can be given in the 5.30pm weekday departure from Leeds (King Street) to Ilkley via Guiseley, which required no less than four double deckers – two "part journey" buses left at 5.27 and 5.28 while the two Ilkley machines left at 5.29 and 5.30.I liked Todmorden a lot and spent quite some time there riding and photographing in 1971 when it was Calderdale-owned but still of Todmorden character, with seven PD2s active.Given that the newest was twenty years old to say it was a surprise when two of them were repainted in Calderdale livery is something of an understatement.T7 was later sold to a driving school in the West Midlands.

I think Mulleys bought a total of four of these PD2s, I used to see one of them on a daily basis still in original livery working out of Mulleys ex Corona depot at Acton (near Sudbury, not London).However, when you say the bus connected at Hebden Bridge with the Halifax 48/49 you highlight one of the problems with the Todmorden network which turned back at the "boundaries".At both Hebden Bridge and Littleborough Summit, where Todmorden’s buses met those of Rochdale (later SELNEC), the twenty-minute frequency Todmorden service met a fifteen-minute frequency services, so good connections were not always assured.We had four highbridge PD1s from Ribble and seven from Preston Corporation, all around fifteen years old when acquired and in incredibly superb order and requiring virtually no attention.A further four lowbridge PD2s from Ribble followed, along with one from West Wales.

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Other bargains of the same reliable chassis included three PD1s with ECW bodies (a fascinating and pleasing combination to me) and three with BBW bodies – those six all from Bristol.

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  1. The men were truly in rare form for the entire proceedings and the women were uniformly wonderful, though no one was wearing a uniform. And yes all this will make sense after you see the show.