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It isn’t done intentionally, but you may see them both sitting with their legs crossed or both sitting with their hands under their chins.

This is a way of letting each other know that while they may be talking to other people, their lover is the one that is on their mind.

On my way to my shrink's office Wednesday, I had an incredibly awesome experience. Not my usual type — I tend to go in for academics, visual artists, and writers — but he was so sweet and charming that I was on cloud nine for the rest of the day. When he wrote back, he said, "It's funny, but I was attracted to you right away. JENA: The answer is deceptively simple: Smile and make direct eye contact. The smile, whether a broad grin or a coy pursing of the lips, usually seals the deal — it reduces any ambiguity about your intentions.

For once in my life, I was a little early, so as I walked down her street, on the Upper West Side, I had time to look up at the beautiful stained-glass windows in the brownstone on my left, to notice how nice the white blooms and green leaves looked on the tree down the street, and to smile at the bulldog a woman was walking. But I WAS feeling particularly alive and invigorated. Guys usually approach a woman only after she has made eye contact. I always feel like I'm being a total floozy if I return a look more than two or three times. After contact is made, women make their interest known subconsciously...

Finally, people falling in love often seem to have a glow about them.

This is probably due to their extreme happiness at finding someone to which they are very attracted and with whom they enjoy spending time.

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You have probably heard people talk about the language of love.