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Buying and preparing this food and drink barely makes a dent in our monthly budget, which is why we don’t have an “entertainment” line item.These costs are simply covered by our rather modest grocery bill.One glaring omission from my current life experience is that of dating.And I don’t mean dating your spouse, which I’m a huge fan of–I mean dating in order to meet a partner. FW and I have known each other for over 13 years and got married at age 24; thus, dating as adults isn’t something we ever had to navigate.We have compatriots over for brunch, lunch, scones, coffee, dinner, drinks or any variation thereof.And they in turn invite us into their homes for the same.

FW making the perfect pasta puttanesca to serve, for example, or indulging in our friends P & E’s amazing home-smoked meats (which are beyond delicious, by the way).When we’re not hanging at a home, we take walks or hikes with comrades or visit a free outdoor festival or fair.There are plenty of free entertainment opportunities in the Boston area and our friends are always game to not pay for diversions.It’s rude to just drink water, so I simply order a very inexpensive item–such as a small salad–and eat my lunch from home later at my desk.Again, no one gives a rat’s booty what you order for your lunch, so don’t stress.

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We’ve never once had someone turn down the offer of a free, home-cooked meal.

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