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Dating a loner guy

We like to be with the person we're meeting one hundred percent.Don't take it personally if we put up façades or act standoff-ish the first time we meet you. It's not that we don't want to spend time with you.) things got even more 'serious' between us when we spent a week solid together & i met his dad.his dad told me im the first girl he's ever brought around.Us going with you for such things is a difficult hoop to jump through, but we will jump through it for your sake. We like to take things slowly, stop and smell the roses, the daisies, the mums, the other roses, the pansies, the violets, and the bellflowers.Just don't expect us to be contributing to group debates, discussions, or general conversations all that much. We enjoy long, romantic walks on the beach, in a park, by a lake. Just being with you and only you will be the greatest thing to get our hearts racing.

It's just our way of showing how much you mean to us. If you can find a way to reserve yourself a special spot in our hearts, that is your spot, and your spot alone.

he made it clear to his friends and me the whole time i was in a relationship that he still wanted me and he was an idiot for 'losing' me.

now that ive been single, we've been 'dating' on and off, at a slow pace.

All we ask in return is that you return our sentiments, and don't go off with some other guy. Prove to us that the same is true for you the first time around.

We will automatically assume that this means you're tired of us, and we will retreat to loner mode. We may forgive you in the long run, but it will be hard for us to trust you in the future. So you see, we can bring a lot to a relationship if only you'll give is a chance to show you.

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Don't worry, we're not afraid to get romantic with you. We won't go running off with some other girl, or guy (if, by a long shot, we swing both ways).