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Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress, not disrespect. They openly state that they cannot be fired by the President, which means they are not accountable to our Republic and have a law unto themselves. His associations with Lockheed Martin and London-based HSBC clearly show that he leads this coup against American sovereignty. SES OPIC USAID Serco Crown Agents Lockheed The more our investigators dove into the seditious SES-OPIC labyrinth, the deeper it went, and the more convoluted it became. Patent and Trademark Office and over 58 air traffic control system in the U. This will generate new cash streams to free up our economy from the globalist stranglehold.

As if this could not get more twisted, the Secretary of State is an SES member and technically cannot be fired by the President, who works for have no control over SES or OPIC—even though we fund them both. Whether narrowly or broadly defined, thousands of federal employees fall into this insulation from Presidential authority: Fig. It is certain that British courts consider these oaths to be legally binding. These oaths are similar in principle to swearing to tell the truth so help you God before testifying in court.

Honest citizens of the world cannot allow these corruptocrats to succeed. That is a longer answer that is superbly answered in the just released AIM article: EXPOSED: ALL THE QUEEN’S AGENTS AND CORPORATIONS THAT CONTROL THE WORLD. 14, 1998 by Chicago bankers with Frontenac Company principals Rodney L. If the former is true, then British sovereignty over its national security has been ceded to Lockheed Martin. Comey and former Lockheed Martin director of Technical Operations in Washington, D. These events within Serco (UK) occurred right when S. Therefore, the Crown has 100% control of its subsidiary in the U. and the Do D Director of Net Assessment—an SES member since 1978 Andrew W.

[Note: Over a year ago we sent a copy of this Crimeline to then Senator Jeff Sessions before he became Attorney General.] Leader Technologies’ shareholders are currently asking President Trump to pay them for the 18-year theft of their social networking invention by the federal government and our rogue Silicon Valley technology community. Patent Office is not capable of running itself without foreign help?! We could not believe this either, but here is Serco’s 2015 press release announcing its deal with Obama. Serco’s American subsidiary, SI International, Inc. Goldstein formerly with Booz Allen Hamilton, and Jeremy H. If the latter is true, then America’s national security has been traded away by Lockheed Martin who is managing multiple sets of national interests and is, therefore, sometimes acting against the United States in its dealing with the United Kingdom. Bradford Antle worked for General Electric (and probably facilitated the sale, with the plan to eventually work for Lockheed, form SI International, then have Serco UK buy in to the US classified business via SI International). Marshall—to be the platform to be used by the Deep State shadow government to control and spy on Internet communications. (interestingly, headquartered in CERN, Switzerland), in collusion with Lockheed Martin, appear to be the intelligence arm of this globalist corporate takeover.

These lawyers, bankers, academics, journalists, bureaucrats and self-styled elitists sponge off the actual wealth-creation of hard working Americans via SES, OPIC, Lockheed Martin, Crown Agents, Serco, USAID in pursuit of the seven deadly sins Since they don’t do real work, President Trump can simply turn off their lights Then, he can use the trillions of dollars recovered to empower real wealth creators Fig.

1—This is a glorious depiction of the evil labyrinth we have discovered.

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employed hundreds of Nazi scientists in mass mind control research C. It is evident that IBM seeks today to install the same kind of fascist socialist crony capitalism that became so efficient at population control of "unacceptables" in Europe during WWII—for which they were paid handsomely after the war. Mind Control Media (MCM)) and its breathless, dishonest, Alinsky attempts to prevent their choice for President from doing the job we sent him to Washington to do. By the time that happens, the public has become so dumbed down and fatigued by the lies and misinformation that they don’t protect the victim. It has numerous successes like 9/11, the Adolf Hitler, Arab Spring, Afghanistan, Bolshevik Revolution, Bundy Standoff, Gulf of Tonkin, Iraq, ISIS, Kosovo, Kristallnacht, Lewinsky Affair, Libya, Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge, Rwanda, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Syria, Vietnam Antiwar protests, Waco, Watergate, World Trade Center. have known about the effectiveness of immoral “virtue signaling” to trigger the unthinking masses with fabrications for many decades.

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