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"Funding schools the way we do, so much money per pupil, makes those districts that have declining population, puts them in a spot where they can't adjust quickly enough," says Murray.He gives an example, say a district lost 25 students: "That would be a considerable amount of money, 0,000 dollars," he says."The idea of consolidation shouldn't happen just for the sake of consolidation.It should happen because it's more cost effective." Murray says Leelanau County schools have considered consolidation.

Economy Turning After many years of recession, this is actually a pretty old story, one state Senator Howard Walker, R-Traverse City, hopes will soon be behind Michigan.But for now the emphasis from leadership in Lansing seems to be on cost savings through efficiency. I mean the system can be a little weird in terms of funding sometimes," he says.The Small School Back at the Flotilla last month, Suttons Bay freshman Will Faught told me he's well aware his school is struggling. "But I like our size now, actually." Will says in Suttons Bay you'd rarely get cut from sports teams.Likewise, Suttons Bay Superintendent Mike Murray says he's trying to make sense of the new law that allows dissolution of small, financially struggling districts.He has not ruled out the possibility that it could, one future day, apply to Suttons Bay Public Schools.

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But he doubts either service collaboration or district consolidation would go far enough to solve the financial struggles of local school districts in the region he serves.

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