Chris crocker really dating his brother peter berg is dating

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Recently, Nathan posted a photo on Instagram marking their three-year anniversary.

Their relationship has influenced many people to be open about their sexuality.

Chris first rocketed to fame in 2007, when simply watched his You Tube video.

But he’d been fiddling with internet fame for years before that, posting cute photos and engaging in unabashed online combat.

And though he’s moved around the country since then, the internet seems to be where he’s most at home.

As of just a few days ago, Chris and Justin’s latest move is back home to Tennessee.

Her controversial phrases identify her, but she doesn’t care what everyone thinks.

She has inspired many transgender people to be confident about themselves.

Caption: Nathan Schwandt with his partner, Jeffree Star on Valentine’s Day this year.

Apart from this, any information about Nathan’s past affairs isn’t available.

We all reckon the name Jeffree Star when we talk about makeup. She is an internet personality, makeup artist, beauty influencer, singer, songwriter, and a smart businessperson.

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While others often bashed Nathan for loving Jeffree Star just for money and fame.

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