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Either way, I’m ready and willing to keep trying, keep exploring and keep finding ways to meet new, single guys.

Therefore I am putting this question out to you – our wonderful readers: It’s summer and that means it’s soccer season in Edmonton!(For some reason I rarely looked above or below my graduating class.) Sometimes it was because I thought they were cute, other times it was because I thought they were hilarious and still other times it was because I thought they had a great soul.But in my six years of High School I never admitted to a single crush to anyone other than my closest friends. ) Looking back and realizing how very shy and non-existent I was in High School, I am still sure I made the right decision in not fessing up to any one individual.Not to be deterred I spent the rest of the cruise checking out the bodies on deck every day.Sadly our 3-day cruise was also the party cruise which meant that the drunk guys I met at the disco on Friday night were rarely sober the entire trip.

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Maple Match makes it easy for American singles to find the ideal Canadian partner to save them from the unfahtomable horror of the Trump presidency.