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Boundaries in adult dating relationships

The biggest takers may be those nearest and dearest to you—relatives who insist on treating you as the designated person to fulfill family duties.

"Sometimes people who seem to be taking from you are simply unaware of your needs and desires because you haven't voiced them," says Dan Neuharth, Ph D, a marriage and family therapist. "If you keep giving to someone who only takes and doesn't appreciate what you are giving, you are teaching them to be a taker, not a giver," he says.

With that 'what's in it for me' mentality, their focus is primarily on self-gain."It's important to keep in mind that takers are not necessarily bad people, but they focused on their own needs—not thinking about yours.

Some people derive all of their self-worth from giving, or they use it as a strategy to avoid their own problems.

But over-givers have to strive to put themselves first, create boundaries, and also release their guilt about not taking care of everyone's needs. "People will be surprised at first, but it will lead to them having much more respect for your time." Not sure how to start putting yourself first? "The psychology of a taker is to get as much as possible from an interaction and give little to nothing in return," says human behavior expert Trevicia Williams, Ph D.

"They thrive on seizing the self-centered benefits of encounters and relationships with other people.

"Knowing yourself and what is important to you is the easiest way to enforce boundaries," says life coach Alyce Pilgrim.

"I have accepted that I will never be able to stop giving completely because it's a part of who I am," she says. Before giving my time, money, or energy, I ask myself two simple questions: Is this person worth it? " She factors in a few things: "How many times I have 'given' to this person, whether they have ever given back, and how long I have known them." She also weighs whether the request is something she is interested in doing—or not, such as driving 100 miles away on a work night to pick someone up or loaning someone a lot of money.

It's one thing to listen to, or help, a friend going through a rough spot, but be wary of needy people who consistently try to engage you in drama.

If they express disappointment, but understanding, then these are likely the people that like you for 'you' and not what you can do for them," she says.

The good news is that while you may start a relationship with one person taking more, it doesn't mean you can't change the dynamic with true friends.

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"You have the right to say, 'I would like to think about that overnight and get back to you.'" In addition, he says, you have the right to evaluate situations and relationships to determine if they have a healthy balance of giving and taking and to give yourself permission to reduce contact or leave a relationship or situation that is unhealthy.

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