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I changed the settings: First optimized settings then - Intel Sata controller mode = Raid - Intel Rapid Storage technology = i RST - Intel I/OAT = enabled.- Full Screen LOGO Show = Disabled (to see the raid configuration at startup). No change the extra feature Intel Rapid Storage Technology(i RST) is gone. After a couple attempts (reboots as well) the extra feature was back.You can also choose to deploy the current BIOS of your computer’s mainboard to a location of your choice, as a [email protected] allows you to select the option for loading the CMOS default settings once the BIOS update takes place.AS a side note, we encourage you to rigorously use it and then set up your BIOS once more.

Cam chat with beautiful girls Runet These girls are ready for everything in the investigation Vas.And Reboot Now I saw an extra feature at the bottom of the Peripherals tab. It tells me that the 2 SSD Raid(0) drives are Bootable, but the other drives are Incompatible??? The locations of the properties Intel I/AOT and Intel VT-d where changed( The new location is more logic, I think) maybe its only a tkst change of the buttons. And even though the drives are bootable (in this i RST screen), the system wont start any more. So I went back to F3u, and everything is ok again..I Compared the versions of the i RST splash-screens, but they were the same. FTK v0.9.6.1 Grab that, make a bootable USB with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool - v2.1.8 using these files Win98SE_extracted to a folder like a zip file, put the FTK files and F3u BIOS on it, boot from it, go to the directory with the FTK files and BIOS, and type fpt -bios -f biosname.f3u. At this point in time, it may seem that this is already not faster than the old procedure, but this happens only the first couple of times you use it, until you completely get the hang of it.Choosing to update the BIOS file directly from the Gigabyte server means that your Internet connection must not be tampered with in this particular interval, thus we advise you to update the BIOS from a file that you already have downloaded from dedicated section of your specific motherboard on the Gigabyte support area website.

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