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Bill burr dating black girl

And risk is something you get used to desling with in a career like comedy. One of his closest friends (the comedian Patrice O'Neal) died a couple of years ago. In case anyone thinks I'm lying about that sweet, sweet pussy... She's been on shows that Patrice speaks on, and she seems pretty realistic and down-to-earth.

We have an entire culture of women that are absolutely convinced they have a right to do anything they want to do, and a culture of men ready to give them more than just a pass. God’s everywhere, but I gotta go down there to see him? And he’s mad at me down there, and I owe you money? Just be like, 'Dude, just go do everything you ever dreamed of doing. Because, in the unlikely event that we're both on the Titanic and it starts to sink, for some reason, you get to leave with the kids and I have to stay - that's why I get the dollar more an hour. They should just sedate those people, drop 'em off in Afghanistan, just let them run wild. Comedian Bill Burr is a favorite with many in this crowd, including myself.His shtick is straight up red pill, and he tackles really tough subjects from an unpopular (read: honest) angle, like domestic violence.

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Maybe they'll get divorced, or maybe not, but I don't think he's the type to let the bastards get him down. In the five stages of grief, he's stopped at the third: bargaining. You mention Bill Burr to most folks, they'd probably go "Bill Who? " He's probably just clearing rent, utilities, and travel expenses, and has a little bit of mad money left over, like most folks. Those arms are huge - there's nothing but downside here.

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