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READ MORE: Graphic content: Woman fears she will be scarred for life after weave was sewn in too tightly The referral came after Adam, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, says he was bullied by other pupils.

“It was really difficult at the time, I didn’t fit in and a lot of people started saying ‘he is weird and different’," he added.

“I have a psychological diagnosis from a psychologist.

People have been saying to me ‘maybe you are a Nazi if you are sticking up for him’." Adam says the name of the Asperger’s condition should be changed for the “protection” of the community.

The pioneering pediatrician reportedly sent hundreds of disabled children to their deaths under Nazi rule at Spiegelgrund, a clinic in Vienna that was part of a euthanasia programme.

Adam says the revelation regarding Mr Asperger has “cast a dark spell” over the autism community.

After even minor social interactions he routinely found himself exhausted, and would retreat to soothing, isolated activity: sculpture, writing, woodworking. In fact, the only person to suspect he was on the spectrum was his wife, who puzzled endlessly about this curious man. Yet he ignores my birthday and hangs up before saying goodbye.

He's so charming with others, yet so silent at home.

“I have engaged in conversation with people who have been saying the condition is not even real and those diagnosed are making it up to get attention.

His difficulty managing his thoughts made rudimentary conversations minefields to be navigated.

And navigate he did, dodging social errors with the same fright and determination one might actually dodge mines. He truly did not fit the criteria for Asperger Syndrome.

READ MORE: Graphic content: Woman fears she will be scarred for life after weave was sewn in too tightly Herwig Czech, from the Medical University of Vienna, set out the claims against Prof Asperger after trawling through previously unexamined documents from the Nazi era including personnel files and patient records.

Published in the journal Molecular Autsim, the new study says Asperger referred “profoundly disabled” children to the Am Spiegelgrund clinic in Vienna, despite knowing what took place there.

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