Are jacob latimore and cymphonique miller dating

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Are jacob latimore and cymphonique miller dating

She is also the founder of BYOU (Be Your Own You) which is a business she created in order to encourage girls to have a healthy self esteem and be empowered.

Cymphonique is passionate about bringing awareness about kids with cancer, advocating healthy self esteem and empowerment for girls, promoting healthy living to students, and promoting education.

Although Latimore is stuck at the young age of nineteen, he is considered to be a ‘triple threat’ as he is talented in a variety of fields like singing, dancing and acting.

Cymphonique Raina Miller, known publicly as Cymphonique, is an American teen actress, singer and rapper.

His love and passion for music began at the very young age of five, when he watched the movie ‘The Temptation’.

Latimore saw the movie over and over again to memorize the songs and to learn all the dance moves.

Latimore was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the son of Latitia Taylor and Jacob Latimore, Sr.

She sings the theme song of Winx Club, an Italian animated series on Nickelodeon.He also had the privilege to be on the ‘Maury Povich Show’.A short period later, Latimore released another single titled ‘Superstar’ in 2007, which topped among the stars in the Billboard R&B and Hip Hop charts. In 2010, Latimore signed a deal with ‘Jive Records’.Her special skills include competitive kickboxing, swimming, drawing, and playing the piano.While committed to upholding her honor student status, she has created a book series to empower young girls called Fabulous Girls, and founded Fabulous Girls Charity to help raise awareness and funds for kids with cancer.

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