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In the ’20’s he helped form an acting group known as The Co-optimists, which won success in a little London theater. Complications oi this delicate operation have, in recent years, be^ reduced to a minimum. IT HAPPENED TODAY On this date in 1895, the play “Trilby” opened in New York, prompting a rash of Trilby coats, hats, waltzes and chocolates. After a stint as song-and-dance man he studied opera in Milan before World War I service. Cataracts are carefully watched until they are mature or ripe enough lor surgery.

Since 1921 he has appeared in pictures including “Brief Encounter,” “Passport to Pimilico” and “The Lavender Hill Mob.” In the music hall he developed his famous monologue character, Sam Small, and “Albert and the Lion.” In 1956 he won American acclaim for his role as Alfred Doolittle in “My Fair Lady.” This year he has starred in the TV series about the butler, “Our Man Higgins.” Who is he? Advances in anes­ thesia have been of inestimable value in the sue- cess of cataract surgery.

The eye is a remarkable precision instrument, with a shutter mechanism in the pupil that ad- usts to the slightest variation of light in a fraction of a second.

Like many other special treasures, it is often taken for granted and neglected.

WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE Succor — (SUK-er) — noun; help; aid; relief; assistance; an aid. Franke, former secretary of the Navy, and Ed Bailey of baseball. He has at his command many m- struments and tests with which he can not only diagnose the cataract but can determine the most (Hportune time for surgery.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Molly Jordan (Molly Mc Gee), radio actress; Morris Kantor, American artist; William B. The important symptom of a cataract is a slow, progressive loss of vision in an otherwise healthy eye. Fortunately, the eye specialist is usually consulted early.

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GALVIN Editor awl Pub Usher (lai S-lt SS) Established 18%. It's the day that the 13th annual Patsy awards for top movie animal star and television animal star of the year will be announced. SHANGHAI — Japanese Army spokesmen refused to confirm or deny reports of neutral military observers that the Japanese army has suffered a major disaster, its first in modern times, in southern Shantung province. Ed; Tramp, the dog from “My Three Sons,” and Candy, a chimpanzee from “Dobie Gillis.” Betting is that Sidney will win the movie award, tusks down, and that Lassie should triumph in the television derby, if Candy’s supporters don’t monkey around with the ballots. Patience, kindness and understanding are needed by everyone when any operation is imminent. Everybody waited to see what Kennedy did to Charley.