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All the  dating site

Teasing, ginger jokes and unfortunately even outright bullying are too commonplace.An ability to laugh at oneself is very important (and redheads usually have a great sense of humour), but at the same time there should be a balance of positive publicity towards redheads that will cancel out the nastiness aimed at us by the ignorant few.Feel free to quote small parts of the information on this page, but copyright law requires be listed as the source of the information.

At least it would be the earliest date that the bike could have been made.

)Most early Treks (1976 through about 1980) were sold as framesets.

The components were added by the local bike shop or by the buyer. Components also could be swapped from an existing ride to the new frameset.

As the wear on a vintage bike increases, the greater the likelihood components are not original, either through replacement of worn parts or through component swaps.

Swaps can take place early in the life of a bike as the proud new owner upgrades to new or used components of higher quality.

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Even those equipped with Suntour Superbe components usually had SR seatposts.

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