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The lost are not going to receive their just recompense until the end of their time. You see, as you and I go through this life as believers, we are making impacts on people all around us.LESSON ONE * PART I PROBLEMS AND CONSEQUENCES OF CARNAL BELIEVERS I CORINTHIANS 4:3 - As we pick up again in I Corinthians Chapter 4, we also begin book 27.You know all of this ministry started with a home Bible study in Iowa many years ago, and from that The Lord has just helped us to branch out where we can reach more and more folks with The Word.For I know nothing by myself; yet am I not hereby justified; but he that judgeth me is the Lord." Never lose sight of the fact that Corinth was a city that was saturated in paganism and all the gross immorality that went with it. Even as Paul has garnered this little group of believers, remember they had just come out of this kind of background.So it stands to reason that they didn't all of a sudden become spiritual giants.

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They had a lot of problems, and in Chapter 7, verse 1 it's indicated that this congregation actually sent Paul (who is across the Aegean Sea at Ephesus when he writes this letter) a whole series of questions, and so Paul is answering these questions they have asked one by one.