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For applications where enforcing the rules in a document type declaration is not necessary, a wide variety of choices and design tradeoffs is available.

The Open Source parsers are invariably non-validating.

The API is relatively stable, but I won't currently promise any ABI stability.

The bulk of the XML processors tested were non-validating ones.

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) non-validating yet mostly conforming XML parser written in C.

Xml Parser makes extensive use of offsets to keep track of its state. In order to maximize speed it does not do any string copies.

To start parsing declare an instance of the class Xml Stream, setup the buffer that you want to parse. Then call parse in Xml Stream passing in a pointer to the buffer, and the buffers length.

The API follows a simple and mostly buffer-less design, and only consists of three functions: Be aware that simple is not necessarily easy or convenient.If those exist in your buffer don't send them to the parser. When an empty node is encountered it will be reported as an element this will be fixed later. If you have any suggestions or improvements let me know.Later, the ability to remove these, will added in the code to step through these. Using the XSL-T processor, you can transform XML documents from XML to XML, HTML, or virtually any other text-based format.These processors support the following standards and features: The Java, C, and C parsers also support XML Namespaces.

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This processor rejects a certain number of documents it shouldn't, and isn't clear about why it did so.

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