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There have been many supercouples to grace the GH small screen over the years, and here is the top six list of some that have broken up, but that fans would love to see re-kindle their romance.Digging deep into the historical GH vault, Robert Scorpio and Holly Sutton were an ’80s super couple who had a tremendous amount of passion together. The magazine also reports that Thompson "was in talks with another soap, and there was at least one additional drama that had express interest in adding the popular star to its cast." Meanwhile, Emmy winner Kimberly Mc Cullough will be making another return as Dr. Will Patrick and Robin ride off into the sunset together?

As a result of this new goal, she left She was frantically working in the lab trying to come up with a drug to help Jason Morgan when the lab exploded.She has been making appearances on the show since then, and she returned for a longer time in 2015.With Jason Thompson, who plays her husband Patrick, leaving the show, the Scorpio-Drakes moved to California to begin a new adventure. In her private life, Mc Cullough is known as "Kimber," and she enjoys surfing.Robin was presumed dead, particularly when a badly burned body was found in the lab.She had in reality been kidnapped by Cesar Faison and was being held a Swiss clinic run by Faison's wife, Dr. In October 2013 fans began to see the actress on screen as Robin again.

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Wanting to help the family re-united, Holly stepped back, and in typical soap opera fashion a million things happened in between to keep them apart.

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