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Ring mountings dating

All expedite requests are subject to a non-refundable production service fee.Please contact us at 1.800.691.0952 for more information about placing an expedited order.Asian cultures are among the oldest in the world and are associated with some of the finest and most interesting antiques and collectible objects on the planet.Innovation and top-notch artistry led to the creation of fine porcelain ware, painted silk scrolls, and paper screens, seen in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Indian cultures.Examples of barrows include Duggleby Howe and Maeshowe.The word tumulus is Latin for 'mound' or 'small hill', which is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *teuh The funeral of Patroclus is described in book 23 of the Iliad.Many people choose a cathedral setting for its elegant appearance, as well as the following advantages: Regardless of the rest of the ring's design, the critical feature of a cathedral setting is the sweeping arches.However, you'll notice many different styles as you shop for jewelry with a cathedral setting.

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Japanese's ancient style of dress, particularly the colorful kimonos inspired by the Noh theater, are highly collectible, as are netsuke, the figurines carved out of ivory or coral used to fasten containers called inro to men's obi sashes.

The Japanese were also known for their ukiyo-e woodblock prints and technically superior samurai swords.

A cathedral setting is an elegant and classic display to set a gem, particularly in a ring.

This exceptional setting mimics the grace and elegance of a cathedral, using arches to frame the gem as the stunning focal point of the jewelry.

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