Dating anniversary meanings

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When me and my ex broke up I listened to Pandora a lot. I wasn't sure what it meant (cause I am a true believer in signs).Now after two month of hearing this song I finally know what it means. I first heard this through Chipotle's commercials last year when they were using Willie Nelson's cover on it, which is also found on his album last year titled 'Heroes'.They're versatile, bright, and can often be personalized to the individual and the occasion with very little effort.They're the perfect way to surprise someone, and keep the memory of your love alive for several days.'The intent is to verify disarming of the emergency escape slides attached to the doors' to prevent them from deploying at the gate, says Smith.'When armed, a slide will automatically deploy the instant its door is opened.' Sometimes heard as 'disarm your doors.'CROSSCHECKAs in: 'Flight attendants, doors to arrival and crosscheck.''Crosscheck is a generic term used by pilots and flight attendants meaning that one person has verified the task of another,' explains Smith.

DOORS TO ARRIVAL A critical instruction often heard issued to the flight attendants as the plane is landing.

Obviously a great song but also more than that it evokes great memories, and isn't that really how you measure a song on a personal scale? hanging out with my buds, smokin' weed and listening to Led Zeppelin II over and over again.

I may have only been 14 at the time but at that moment I felt much older than my years. Strangely nobody seemed to remember that Duran Duran did a cover of this song in their album "Thank you" ... Zep's version definitely timeless, Duran Duran did a good cover to pay tribute to this wonderful song. Strangely enough, this song makes me think of Corrie Ten Boom, a middle-aged woman who became a leader in the Dutch Underground during World War II.

I choose this song for my Father-Daughter dance at my wedding.

My father struggled with drug addiction to the point of sobering up just for special occasions.

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This song seemed fitting on that day for me and him and looking back I'd still choose it.