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Cancer female and taurus male dating

She is like a lovely ocean washing over the stable land of his personality.The female crab is cautious in nature, which the male bull appreciates.Astrologically, she is smart and a great conversationalist, and anyone who can keep up with her sharp mind will earn a check in the plus column.But make sure the talk is not all about you, or even all about her.

Security is very important to each sun sign, and the Taurus male will happily provide a safe platform upon which to build their relationship.The Cancer woman Taurus man couple navigates a similar course together, reaching new and satisfying heights.One commonality between the Cancer woman and Taurus man is their methodical natures.Luckily, there are a few things you can do to better understand your Taurus guy and make sure that your relationship lasts the test of time. Don’t play hard to get or any other frivolous mind games.

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